Saturday, April 17, 2010


At last Monday’s Exeter Board of Selectmen’s meeting Pete the hot dog vendor had his annual request for his seller’s license to sell hot dogs at the Swazey Parkway on the agenda. It was pretty obvious he was involved in an uphill fight to get a new permit.

Last year was certainly a difficult one for Pete, he had some issues with the farmer’s market, then various town officials told him one thing, he did it, then they changed the rules and what they told him. I believe the bottom line is Pete is a good guy but, doesn’t like getting screwed with, push him and he will push back. What does our town government specialize in, screwing with people? Pete if pushed will push back; the town doesn’t like that, WOW I figured this out all on my own. Remember the Exeter Town Officials do not work for us; but, for themselves. It appears to be a simple case of mind over matter, they don’t mind and we the taxpayers don’t matter. I believe the majority of the board of selectman will argue Pete shouldn’t get a permit because of past complaints. I’ve heard all about the past complaints and they are Pelosi (short for BS).

There are fundamentally wrong issues on how this town is being run. This hot dog vending case is a prime example. Pete is an honest and outgoing business man who buys all of his goods locally. He has made a good sized investment into his enterprise and sells a good product at a fair price. His business is booming because there is a need for a quick hot dog, soda, chips or water for the hundreds of people who take the beautiful walk down along the parkway water front.

Now our new socialist board of selectmen appears, to be on the verge of denying his permit. What they were saying is they want to review the permit process before they make up their mind. If they do that, and Matt made a good point, NO PERMITS for using town property, including the parkway until this issue is resolved.

As a young man I was quick to jump into a fight, no matter what the odds, I just liked a good fight. Then as I grew older and wiser I came to realize you have to be a real dummy to either run into a fight or get into a fight you didn’t have to be in. This is a fight the town doesn’t want or need; but, our socialist hot dog hating BOS are dragging us into.

An alternative to what is going on is that if Peter is denied a permit he could easily, for the next town meeting, get 500-1,000 signatures on a petition to give him the space he needs and the location he needs to sell us his hot dogs. It could only be revoked by another town meeting vote. Then the same 500 to 1,000 signatures could be organized to throw out the socialists on the board of selectman and maybe then we can move ahead with a common sense productive agenda for the taxpayers of Exeter. That would put an end to our hot dog hating socialists on the EBOS.

For the record at the last selectman’s meeting Matt was the only member to support giving Pete his vending permit.

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