Saturday, April 24, 2010



At the last selectman’s meeting Bill Campbell (a member of the socialist colony of high street) made the motion to give Pete his hot dog vending permit. It was an interesting discussion; Don Clement recused himself that was one vote against, that left. Bobby was talking as if he was going to support the permit until the Chief of Police stood up and voiced his displeasure then Bobby voted against the permit. Matt seconded Bill’s motion and the vote was two to one. Julie was lucky she didn’t vote so she was able to hide on the issue. So Pete will be selling hot dogs again real soon.

I want to thank Bill for his understanding of the issue and that there was no right or wrong; but, a situation that got out of hand because of the lack of leadership in the town. Bill should be congratulated for his common sense vote on this; thank you Bill.


The recent NH Legislative session put another nail in the coffin of gambling in NH and special interest money going to some of the state senators. It is interesting to note that all the districts state reps voted against gambling while our senator stood fast in support of it. OK, Maggie, put you hand back in to your own pocket and call it a day.

In the legislature some of these bills are like vampires, you just don’t know when they are going to pop up again and bite you, so keep your eyes and ears open to see how this will rise again.


For some unknown reason the academy has locked their campus gates on River Street and Brown’s court so if you want to walk the fields you have to go around by the tennis courts. That makes it problematic because with us, when Sieka goes with us for a walk, she always takes her two cats. That’s right a 110 pound Labrador/Dalmatian with two little tri colored female cats going for a walk together. Sieka protects them from other dogs and it is the funniest things to see the Quandt family walking the fields.

Those gates that the academy closed have allowed access for as long as I’ve lived in Exeter, which is about 60 years. To do this now and cause hard feelings and a pr disaster does not make any sense to me. Maybe someone from the academy can explain why they are no longer user friendly.

I wondered if they didn’t want the townies seeing them heavily fertilizing their fields and then having the fertilizer end up in the river when it rains. We’ll do some checking around and see what is going on.

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