Friday, February 18, 2011


At a recent selectman’s meeting there was quite an outburst from one of the regulars at the public comment part of the meeting. In part, my professional relationship with selectman Bob Aldrich was brought into question and I think it needs to be responded to.

I think Bob has done a very good job as not only a selectman; but, as vice chairman of the board. Bob is EXCELLENT on budget numbers; in fact Bob is a numbers cruncher, a very valuable position on any public board, Bob is the administrative type. Matt finds Bob an easy person to work with and a great source of knowledge. Both Matt and I have respect for Bob, not only as a person; but, a dedicated public official who works very hard for the people of Exeter. As a public elected official you cannot please everybody all the time; but, when you make decisions that are based on the best interests of the town, at least the sane members of the community will respect you. Bob has earned our respect by his hard work, dedication, and respect for the town of Exeter and its taxpayers. When or if, Bob runs for reelection I would be happy not only to support him; but, work on his campaign if asked. I don’t think there is any wiggle room on my relationship or respect for Bob.

Unfortunately, we have a fringe group that has nothing good to say about anybody or anything. I would like to cut a deal with them, if they stop lying about us, we’ll stop telling the truth about them.

At the last deliberative session this fringe group was stomped on when everything they proposed was killed by overwhelming numbers. This same group has been bad mouthing everyone that disagrees with them, Matt included and has two candidates running for selectman in the hopes of beating Matt and gives them more control of the town. This group has nothing good to say about Exeter or some of the people in the town that disagree with them have proven to be a dangerous element to deal with. They are coming across as a small out of control group; I’ve seen this in some groups in Concord where they attack anyone who disagrees with them, it is too bad to have one in Exeter. Whether this group gains traction in Exeter is up to the voters; but, right now John Childs and Matt might be the only line to hold not allowing these people to take control of Exeter.

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