Saturday, February 5, 2011

Elliot Hospital Has a Clinic in Raymond!!!

To those who are worried about losing their health care provider in the Anthem/Exeter Hospital Fiasco the Elliot Hospital has a well stocked clinic in Raymond to deal with any ones health care needs.

Although I still believe the two warring entities will still reach a contract agreement there is an alternative just up the road; the following information is for anyone who is interested in a stabilized health care program:

Elliot Pediatrics and Primary Care at Raymond
Located in the Raymond Shopping Ctr., 15 Freetown Road, Raymond, NH
Phone number 895-8000

Elliot’s Raymond office is currently accepting new patients of all ages.

Elliot’s providers include the following three physicians who are all board certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics and one nurse practitioner:
Jason Emmick, MD
Nancy Husarik, MD
John Klunk, MD
Karen Fradette, APRN

If patients are interested in learning more about Elliot’s providers and their practice they can either ask for the Practice Manager, Julie Brayall or Practice Coordinator, Melissa Long at the above practice number.
If patients would like assistance selecting a physician, they can contact the physician referral line at Elliot OnCall at 663-4567.

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