Saturday, May 28, 2011


While the House Leadership is trying to find the votes to break up the unions and lower the standard of living in NH they might be losing sight of the fact the state budget will be pushed out of the senate this coming weds. That might be good for the senate; but, bad for house leadership.

This past Weds it was shown that there is a razor thin line for a veto proof house. The speaker, after touting how he was going to make NH a right to work state and have the vote this past Weds, did not bring the bill forward because he didn’t have the votes. I think this was very embarrassing for him because politically he never left himself an escape route. I think he is losing some of his MOJO.

Now if the house passes the budget and the governor vetoes it the speaker will be fighting on both fronts to get the votes to sustain the budget veto and another hand wrenching fingernail biting fight on two fronts. There is more to dislike in the budget then there is in sticking it the NH workforce and calling the thousands of upon thousands of republican public sector employees, “thugs”, “goons” and a various assortment of names. These collective bargaining oriented republicans voted for the very republicans who we now find, many with psychological problems and not republicans, but will never again, what I’m seeing now I have never seen before, thousands of republicans walking away from the party.

There is a group of republicans who I am very proud to serve with, there’s about 40 of us who care more about you than the Concord political establishment and the moneyed out of state lobbying groups who are trying to run our state. We’re sticking together against RTW and may stand against the budget if we don’t like it. I am only speaking for myself; but, this happens when you lose respect for your leadership team and believe we are being lead into a huge political ambush in the next election. Republican voters are bailing on the politicians they elected in the last election. The free staters and the Looney tunes right wing groups will not be able to stem the republican back lash; we might make electoral mistakes as republicans, but we will fix them in the next election.

We know some of our votes in the house will be peeled off, I’ve heard Jeb Bradley is calling around trying to get state reps to cave and go with leadership, he might get a couple; but, overall I like Jeb; but, think he is done too much political damage to himself to win another district or statewide election. I think the same holds true to the house leadership and to some extent the senate too.

This isn’t Republican bashing; many of these people are not republicans and have crazy ideas on how to organize and direct government. You are the ones that are going to get hurt in this process and it will take 10 yrs or more to fix it. I do not believe many of those elected in the last election are doing what you elected them to do and going way over board on what they think you wanted. They cannot not tolerate different thoughts or ideals and attack anyone who differs.

Some collectively bargaining units are calling for our leaderships removal and I think that cry will get louder and may well happen, the time is not quite right, but may happen. The ideal situation would be for the leadership to sit down and rethink their actions/plans and chart a new course before we all get wiped out in the next election.

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