Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We all like to remember our mothers or fathers favorite sayings and I can always, as a early teen, being lectured by my mother not to be a follower and get into trouble but be a leader and stand up for what I believe. What she was getting at is no booze, drugs, etc; the standard advice from a mother back then. What really stuck in my mind was another pearl of wisdom of who is the real fool, the fool or the one who follows the fool. There is a lot of wisdom in those simple words and most of us probably heard them growing up.

How appropriate they seem in today’s legislature. I think Matt, I and people like Tim Copeland are not fools because we are not followers in the game of thrones where threats, promises and what has been reported as bribes have been going on. Unfortunately, the people whom I’ve been talking to do not want to go forward with what has happened to or said to them. That is unfortunate because the only way to end this type of behavior is to expose it.

The right to work battle has gone off the charts of propriety. Our leadership team seems to be willing to say or do anything to win this fight. We were supposed to have the veto override on May 25th, at 10 AM., the speaker did not have the votes so he tried the following Wednesday at 9 AM and didn’t have the votes so now it appears to be on for next Wednesday at 1 PM. If he doesn’t have the votes by then the next vote will probably be called for a Sunday morning before people go to church. One person commented today that this is the most maniacal leadership team in the history of the NH Legislature. I don’t know how maniacal they are; but, I do know they are certainly different.

In the right to work fight the republican leadership enlisted, from what I have been told, Ovide Lamontagne, Jeb Bradley and John Stephen to call state reps that they know to switch their votes and become followers. I hate to say it because I like and have supported these people in the past that this is soooo going to come back and bite them.

Many of us old time republicans are wondering if there is an ounce of common sense left in the political process. I am sure the above mentioned future candidates think that the thousands of public sector and state employee republicans are going to come back to the party and support them. I have been talking to the various groups and it will not happen so I am going to find it interesting to see how you win a state or district wide election when you start out with a 350,000 vote deficit. There might be a trick to this math; but, I don’t think so. Matt and I have worked for years to bring these republicans behind republican candidates and have lost about 8 years of hard work.

Now it will be up to the voters to clean up what happened in the last election because more and more are saying, “this is not what I voted for”, and they will be right.

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