Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It never ceases to amaze me when I see people who I think are smart doing something stupid or wrong. I think it is more visible and apparent in politics. For example when I see people whom I think are intelligent saying, voting or doing what I think is dumb; this is only in my opinion and Lee Quandts perspective.

In district 13, Exeter, Stratham and North Hampton we have 3 state reps that blindly follow Bully O’Brian’s leadership. We still have 5 state reps 2 democrats and three fiscally conservative republicans that think for themselves and do what they promised to do when they were elected. For example 3 are attacking our police, firefighters and public employees dancing to the tune of the Bully and his VA Right to work Friends. There are that are asking what the h—l are you people doing. This isn’t a fight between republicans and democrats it is a fight between right and wrong, what is right for NH and wrong for NH.

Matt, Lee, Tim, Donna and Patti, although worlds apart philosophy (republican vs. democrat) have put that aside and focused on issues that we can agree on. The other three are touting the speaker’s budget, RTW and how wonderful his leadership (or lack of leadership) is.

It really does boil down to mind over matter, they don’t mind and we don’t matter. Much of the budgetary pain won’t come in the next year (the first year of the budget) that is when programs that were under funded will use the money that is for the two year budget to cover the short comings in the first year. The shoe will drop after the first year and after the next election. So no one can accurately say how bad people will be hurt until the departments run out of money and after the next election. It is somewhat similar to combat when the best laid plan turns to crap when the first shot is fired and then it can be every man for themselves.

The redistricting planning is being done in secret, or so I’m told, and not open to public hearings at this point. Some promises have been made for better districts for political favors. I think this is illegal under federal law and may leave the door open for court hearings.

We are hearing that Exeter could be a stand alone district or have one small town like Kensington or Newfields in with it. The rule of thumb is about 1 state rep for each 3,000 voters. Stratham and North Hampton might share 3; but, might go with a floater depending on the deviation. At this point it is conjecture and will be voted on by the full house and senate.

This would leave North Hampton and Stratham with only one leader (Tim) and 3 republican leadership followers. This will certainly be discussed in the next election no matter what the districts look like

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