Sunday, July 3, 2011


The summer is usually a slow time for politics, on all levels, local and state; but, this summer will be a little busier. Concord is Concord with retained bills hearings and people talking about what a wonderful time they all had in the past year. What is more interesting is the special elections that are taking place.

On Tuesday July 5, we have the Seabrook district special election. I have a good group of supporters in Seabrook going back years when I was a Probation/Parole Officer covering Seabrook and also running in Seabrook for two senate races. So when I was down there on Saturday, what I was hearing was amazing for Seabrook.

One of the candidates, Kevin Janvrin is very well liked and has been in Seabrook most of his life and is a fire fighter. As I was told, another candidate has been sending out some nasty mailers against him. In Short Janvrin has some solid support from republicans and democrats; but, the republicans are very upset that the republican establishment has jumped into a primary turning the campaign negative. Now those Janvrin supporters are talking about not supporting the candidate who sent out those mailers should he win; this could turn the seat democratic.

There is another issue that was discussed and that was the higher tier candidates that endorsed the opponent before the negative campaigning started and they are also being held responsible.

I think there is a fear that the public sector employees are fighting back from what the politicians have done to them and that is a growing fear that more and more of them are going to get involved in the political process. This will change the dynamics of the political structure in NH just as when the libertarians and free staters usurped the Republican Party.

Life is a laugh a minute.

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