Thursday, September 8, 2011


We have just finished our third special election in NH with two going to the dems and one to the republicans. The interesting point is public sector employees (republicans) worked in all three. People might ask how this happened since we are all suppose to be republicans and the answer is simple, the public sector employee republicans have had enough with the RINO out of stators who declared war on those employees who protect us; in other words enough is enough and people are fighting back.

What was interesting in these elections Bully O’Brian endorsed two candidates and they both lost 58-42 %. The third candidate, firefighter from Seabrook, he didn’t endorse and he won. In the Seabrook race the republicans (local republicans) used some of the same base of support that was used to win the other two elections; but, not working together on this one.

In the Seabrook race the democrats were very well organized, had a good candidate and finally showed that they had honed their message; but, didn’t have quite enough horse power to push it over the top to win. So it is safe to say that Seabrook proved that the public sector employees who have been under attack can win an election on their own.

The free stators and libertarians came in a low third, which was surprising because of all the recourses they put into this. In fact the stalwart republican, who just lost her election in Strafford County to Bob Perry the democrat, was seen holding a sign in Hampton Falls for the libertarian. I think I can remember when Honey (whatever) was running for state rep. all of her Free State friends were telling everyone how all the republicans needed to vote for her because she was a good republican. Well not many believed them and she proved those that didn’t believe them right; talk about credibility loss.

The legislature, collectively, does not understand why they got elected, so let’s take a little walk down our political memory lane. The democrats villainized George Bush and the republicans so bad there was a democratic sweep; now, all the liberals got elected and what some call the democrat tax attack took place because they thought they got elected because the voters wanted the democratic agenda (no it was about GWB). After 4 years of terrorizing the state with taxes the democrats were swept out because the voters wanted “change”. Now the voters elected a very strange group who has gone bonkers in the opposite direction and they will get thrown out with the democrats hoping to get sworn in again. I need a neck brace to protect my neck from these radical political swings.

Maybe the next election we will all get thrown out and the state can start over. In fact I’m starting to detect that the next election will be about individuals and issues and not about parties. Your public sector employees will be a huge force as long as the politicians continue to attack them and their families.

I don’t think the current political strategy is very smart.

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