Sunday, August 28, 2011


As the saga of the State GOP unfolds and Jack Kimball is the whipping boy I watch in amazement at the allegations that Jack lost two special elections. I don’t think that is quite true for the following reasons.

I’ve been working on and running campaigns since 1972, starting out with Mel Thompson. I was mentored by Bob Monier, former State Senate President and college professor at St. A’s. I learned politics from the ground up, made a lot of mistakes and learned from them. I like people and like working with them, I learn something from every election and adversary, very rarely hold a personal grudge; but, as I grow older and realize my time on earth is not infinite, have adopted a straight forward approach to my life and discussions.

We have competing interests in the Republican Party, the tea party, the free stators, whatever the 9/12’s are and the old guard NH Republicans (which I consider myself one). The new kids on the scene are all vying for “power” and control of the party. Quite frankly I think some of them are nuts and find it difficult to deal with them so at this point I don’t really try. Because of these groups, my loyalty is to the people in my district.

So I can say that what caused the most problems in the Republican Party is the unprecedented attacks on our public sector employees: our teachers, our fire fighters, our police officers and state workers. This agenda is being manically pursued by Speaker Bully O’Brian and his little band of merry followers.

This has caused thousands of republican public sector employees to pull back from the party, and forced into working with the unions and democrats to defeat these people who are attacking us and our families; hence, the Republican Party is losing special elections. Kimball shares in this anti republican union agenda by pushing it with the federal candidates like pandering Mitt Romney and prayer meeting Perry. In short these people, mostly lead by O’Brian have done a good job at splintering the party and placing the lion share of the blame on Kimball. There is no question Jack needs to go; but, so doesn’t O’Brian and his out of control leadership group.

The NH State Employees have the best political campaign group in NH. They have brought and continue to bring experienced republican campaign members into the fight against the splinter groups that are attacking them while the republican members are no longer contributing to the party; but, to the republican union effort. SEANH republicans alone can bring about 15,000 republican votes to the table. Statewide the public sector of all parties can bring about 350,000 votes to the table. Most of these votes, the majority, will not go republican. How does a party or candidate win with this much of deficit? I don’t know but will watch with curiosity as to how this will all unfold. In the next election when you have thousands of public sector republican and tag along democrats going door to door in their neighborhoods against republicans the outcome should not be in doubt.

The next election will be determined by the individual candidates and the issues, not about party.

When we have political organizations that become collectively stupid, won’t listen, divide and attack their own support base it is time for a class on politics 101. That class is called elections.

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