Sunday, October 23, 2011


The free stators and a number of psychologically challenged freshman who want to belong to the cult that is currently running Concord have taken the time to write a rather nasty letter about me and, I was told, have it under legal review. I have been asked two or three times to stop writing or commenting on what they are doing in Concord but; just couldn’t do it. People need to be informed and transparency is the new catch word in politics.

I won’t comment on the content of the “free state document” yet, since many of them have signed it I want to make sure we can cross check their names with our data base to make sure they can be exposed for the next election.

I do know they want to function in an atmosphere of secrecy and intimidation and then when they get caught they deny it was one of “them” and point to another group with a slightly different name. It is like a shell game of different groups with different names; but, all the same people.

Make no mistake these can be very nasty people who are hell bent on taking over NH politically and stomping on anyone who show them up for what they are and that is anti government anarchists.

Matt, Tim and I have already got a taste of one of their liberty groups almost all of their groups have the word liberty in their names; when they did robo calls about us not falling in line with their crazy anarchist actions and stuffing Stratham mail boxes with anti Tim material. I guess it will be up to you the voters and us as elected officials that you put your trust and faith in to clean this mess up and stand up for you not the lunatics.

They are actually claiming they will be doubling their numbers in the house and senate after the next election while the democrats will be looking to pick up 50-75 seats and if we get enough good republicans to run there will be a current loss of about 125 seats.

After the next election when we clean house and throw these people out of office the “closed” sign will go up in NH and this social experiment gone awry will end and the Free State project can go to a good old boy southern state and try to impress them with their ideas for a new order.

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