Tuesday, November 1, 2011


RE: The pre-buy oil contract article...

I don’t do this very often but when someone or group does a good job they need to be recognized. The Seacoast Newspapers did a very good job (Aaron Sanborn and the editorial writers) wrote the article and followed up it up with a very factual editorial.

The article and editorial was in the Sunday October 30th edition of the Sunday Portsmouth Herald and it was about the Pre Buy Oil Contract Bill. Unfortunately, Rep. Rice from Hampton was quoted and in my opinion came off looking dumb; but, that is between Fred and the voters. The other Hampton Rep that voted against it on the Commerce Committee was Chris Nevins. So we had two Hampton reps voting on the opposite side of two Exeter Reps, Donna Schlacman and Matt Quandt from Exeter, understanding their responsibility towards their constituents, voted for it. The Free State argument that government shouldn’t be telling businesses what to do caused a couple of free stators and committee members to vote against it also.

The Seacoast Newspapers have followed this issue since Flynn’s Oil went out of business and their pre buy customers lost about $500,000 but more importantly lost their heating oil and by doing so kept their readers advised on what happened, how to contact the Attorney Generals Office Consumer Protection division and informed them on how to file claims against the oil company.

One of the Hampton Reps has been, supposedly running around in a state of psychological undress, attacking us for the article. Well, as usual, wrong way Fred is wrong again, this was all the good job of the Seacoast Papers.

If all goes well the following URL should take you to the editorial in question and further searching on this date will bring up the article.


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