Sunday, February 12, 2012


It was very interesting to follow the Susan Emerson bullying bill as it went through the committee process. The testimony was conclusive that the incident against Susan happened. The former Sergeant at Arms for the senate testified he witnessed the incident and saw Susan with her back pushed up against the wall and O’Brien and Bettencourt about 2 inches from Susan’s nose yelling at her. I guess that shoots down the argument that it never happened and supports Tim Copeland’s version of events, which I already knew was true.

I also had the chance to talk to the Alvirne choir director who re-affirmed the attack on Susan did take place.

There are also reports that the majority office has threatened news paper reporters who write stories they don’t like, threatening to cut them off from any information from leadership office, is this another example of out of control leadership.

So the reputation of our house leadership is they are bullies, untrustworthy and lie. WOW isn’t that a lot to be proud of.

At the hearings that I attended on Susan’s bill it was obvious to me that many of the committee members believed Susan was attacked or bullied and some made recommendations to improve the bill and make it more workable. Then they did a double take, all in about 2 days, and voted against the bill in committee. So the question is did leadership bully the committee that heard the bullying bill?

This must make other members of O’Brien’s leadership team real proud and should make the voters proud of them in the next election.

There are conversations that we have a corrupt element in the house. First there was the infamous tobacco tax reduction of 10% that was one of the bully’s lines in the sand, shortly after he supposedly had a meeting with some big shots in D.C., only to have the tobacco companies raise the tobacco cost by 9%. Unfortunately, many republicans bought into the argument that it would raise revenue to plug some of the drastic cuts we made to the budget; well, that never happened and we were lied to. Now the speaker wants to suspend the rules to allow Cancer Centers of America to come to NH without following the rules or going through the Certificate of Need process to determine if we even need them in a state that has a number of quality cancer treatment centers. In my opinion this smacks of money.

I wonder how much money ALEC and the out of state right to work groups have paid to continue their attacks on the public sector workers? They have created artificial issues to attack those workers whose only fault is they provide us with badly needed services, such as protecting us, teach our kids, and make our state and towns run and belong to a union. In years gone by people joined the unions as cheap insurance against unfair treatment, sexual harassment and to bargain for safer working conditions, better pay and benefits; now, they do it to protect themselves from corrupt politicians.