Saturday, January 28, 2012


Shawn Jasper has been placed on the Labor Committee, since it would appear that he cannot get along with anyone and is making the rounds for committee assignments and is now on Labor. There has been some talk that he was placed there because Gary Daniels (Chairman) is perceived by leadership as not being able to control his committee.

I know Gary and he is a decent capable guy who is a non-union supporter; but, will always listen and talk to you. I don’t think Gary cannot control his committee as much as it is the stupid anti worker bills that have been coming before the committee and the committee not supporting them. The only advice I can give Gary is, watch your back.

In my opinion our so called leadership had a serious question, where do we put him next?

I’m not sure labor will be a good fit since Shawn appears to have serious credibility problems based on past testimony on the floor of the house. At the hearing I testified on I thought he had a medical condition when he sat there making faces and rolling his eyes. I suspected he was either hitting on me or had a gas problem.


It is ok to lie when it is to protect the speaker. As many of you know the famous Rep. Susan Emerson Anti Bullying Bill, for the legislature, is in the hearing process. According to the newspapers the speaker denies everything, including talking to Tim Copeland and throwing a hizzy fit at Susan over a couple of budget amendments, is it surprising that Majority Leader Bettencourt is trying to back up the speakers story. Both Tim and Susan had wood shed sessions that were not very nice, with alleged screaming at Susan and threats against Tim. The speaker denies any misbehavior towards Susan and ever meeting with Tim.

I can’t say I heard or saw the misbehavior; but, there were a number of witnesses that did. I can’t find anyone with an ounce of common sense that believes either the speaker or DJ, except for the inner cult circle who continues to admire the emperor’s new clothes.

The big question is if any of these witnesses are willing to come forward what will the house do to a speaker and majority leader that got caught lying to the house, the press and the people of NH?

If the house does nothing than the house walks away with a total lack of credibility; it would appear that disciplinary action would be discussed for both individuals.

I personally saw Tim standing outside the senate chambers door the day of this incident, he looked out of place. When I asked what Tim was doing I was told he was waiting to get his a— chewed for putting in an amendment that he co-sponsored with a democrat. I guess if Tim forgot that he and the rest of us were elected to represent our constituents and not our so called leadership, then he deserved every threat that could be thrown at him. On the other hand, not just for Tim, but the 50 + or – republicans that represent their constituents even against leadership, then they all should be praised and not attacked.

Our so called leadership does not understand that at the end of the day we all have to come home and face our families, our constituents and ourselves in the mirror.

For those 50 I can only say thank you for showing the courage to do the right thing and serve your constituents.

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