Friday, September 28, 2012


 There have been some interesting events since my last blog. First there are the growing rumors that the Free Staters and Libertarians won’t be voting for Ovide, coupled with the thousands of Union Republicans that will not vote for him guarantees him a defeat in the next election.

Interestingly enough, the same rule applies to Romney with Gary Johnson (Libertarian candidate for President) factored in. The libertarians will take about 5% of the vote away from Romney which will give Obama a victory; so the worst nightmare of any Republican is about to come true if the pundits are correct.

From what I’ve been told and seen, many of the independent voters took Democratic ballots. We saw, in the last election, most of them took Republican ballots; so if this is a harbinger of things to come the Republicans are in trouble. Of course O’Brien ordering that all the bill (LSR-Legislative Service Requests) titles be kept secret until after the election is simply a way to hide what the far right of the party is planning for next session. We already know that the repeal of gay marriage is coming back and a host of bills that didn’t make it through; last session will make a comeback if the voters want to make it round two of the political gong show with the less than stable element of the last two years being reelected.


The concept of Stepford Politicians was only half way successful in the primaries. We lost some good people and others withstood the numerous and expensive attacks that were thrown against them. For example Tim Copeland withstood about 7-9 nasty and misleading mailers and lit drops against him to win. He was targeted by several groups of political jihadists who fancy themselves as the only purest thinking Republicans in the state. It is no coincidence that they are all O’Brien supporters; there is no right, there is no wrong only their ideas and ways of doing business.

I have heard that some of these people are so crazy that, while referring those who disagree with them or O’Brien, as RHINO’s (Republican in name only) were openly talking about going “Rhino Hunting”. I was told one victim of the loonies was Susan Emerson, when one group put the word out that they were going to her town to “kill a Rhino”. I also hear that a complaint was made to the AG’s Office about a possible death threat. Does anyone think these people are normal?

The twisted concept is if you are a Republican and talk about what is going on with these people (how crazy they are) then you are a Rhino and not a real Republican. When Matt and I decided to walk away from this insanity by declaring that we are Republicans; but, independent of the establishment it caused quite a stir among those who were a little right of center. However, it has shown that there is a place for those whom are independent thinkers and have always put their constituents before themselves.

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