Wednesday, September 5, 2012


My opinions on the Granite Crock group:

By my definition a Domestic Terrorist is anyone who, from an organized format, attacks and tries to terrorize anyone who disagrees with them; it is not always the nuts that go around blowing stuff up and shooting people. The nuts that do the shootings, etc, probably get their start in similar hate groups with this venomous rhetoric.

I have had referred to me different postings from the above group not only about me; but, other

Republicans, who do not support the Free Staters or Bully O’Brien cult mentality.
The vileness and venom they spew is really sickening. They tried to hide their out of control militia mentality under the guise of being Republicans; well, these people are not true Republicans and in my opinion have some kind of mental issues. They appear to be trying to bully, intimidate, berate and beat people who dare to think for themselves and disagree with them, into submission.

This group is closely aligned with O’Brien and Free Staters, which I believe, comprises the ultra right less stable wing of the Republican Party. And I believe that, more often than not, they knowingly put out misinformation and out and out lies.

As their hopes are fading of taking over NH and turning it into a government less Wild West show they are becoming more desperate and, I believe, more dangerous and unstable.

The only way to defeat their dreams of wiping out government and public education is at the polls.

The phrase of “take back NH”, is becoming more and more important. Before the general election the candidates who align themselves with these groups will be made public so you can help to Take Back NH.

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