Sunday, January 6, 2013


The new style of politics isn’t over political issues it is all about image.  When the Republicans were in power they wanted to be perceived as conservative oriented and fiscally and socially restrained.  They believed in life of the unborn, the second Amendment and you shouldn’t vote in NH if you don’t live in NH.  The democrats believe in gun control (although they claim it is only on certain weapons); they claim they want to protect children while advocating for abortion as a women’s reproductive health issue.  The name for what really is happening on this issue is changed to take out the end of life issue for life that is in its earliest state.  Abortion is not a super issue with me, I support the exceptions to protect the mother’s health; but, that is the extent that I would argue.

Now the Democrats are claiming how they want to work in a bi-partisan manner while promoting their old and tired agenda of more government (which in their opinion knows better than you), more spending and anyone can vote even if they are not NH citizens; both of these observations are limited because of the extensiveness of the issues.

The Republicans in the last session did not want to work with the Democrats because they had enough votes to push through what they thought was the Republican agenda.  This year the Democrats do not want to work with Republicans because they have the votes.  During the last election the Democrats were trying to convince the voters that they wanted to reach across the aisle to work with Republicans.  Well they lied, they don’t and won’t unless they really need a few extra votes.
The best advice you can give anyone in politics is watch what the Democrats do and don’t pay attention to what they say; because the two doesn’t always go together.

I have been talking to democrats and republicans who care about doing the right thing in Concord.  Most believe those that know Maggie, believe she is over her head politically.  Like many I know Maggie is using this governor’s election as a stepping stone for Maggie to go to Washington.
At first glance, Maggie wants to be everything to everyone.  Her couple of years as governor could very well be, “promise them everything, give them nothing and tell them how they have it”.  Time is going to tell and I hope I’m wrong, and if I am I will be the first to admit it. Maggie and the Democrats can, when all else fails, blame it on George Bush.