Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I think it was about six years ago the Democrats beat on George Bush and were swept into office.  They really didn’t know how that happened and started pushing a liberal agenda thinking that was what the voters really wanted.  So the state went through raising and spending about a billion dollars in fees and various increases; some of the funnier ones was the rooms and meal taxes on campgrounds (yes that is where you bring your living accommodations, your food, etc and we will tax you on that).  Then the disastrous LLC Tax and so on and so on.

Then two years later they beat up poor old GW again and won.  The voters caught up to them, threw them out and elected a very Republican/Free State legislature who cut back most of the liberal spending agenda, then went too far on many of the social issues and got thrown out on another voter sweep.  Now the liberals are back in power and doing the same thing all over again.

The battle cry in the last election was jobs, jobs, and more jobs; not repealing gun laws, having an anti bullying day and pushing another liberal agenda.  If this keeps up they will get thrown out again and the cycle will start all over.  I think the only phrase to describe this is “politically unstable environment”.

Let’s take a look at one issue that is taking center stage and that is gun control.  This has been on the liberals agenda for decades.  There is nothing wrong in having a crazy political agenda, we all live in America and it is our right; but, to not understand it and not understand the issue is sad.

I am not a constitutionalist and I do not know all the ins and outs; but I had to study it in High School and in college.  The Second Amendment does not guarantee me the right to go rabbit hunting; but to allow me to have firearms.  I believe the founding fathers put that in place to guarantee firearms ownership to defend against government.  If you can understand that then you can understand the fight against gun control.  What you are doing is fighting over an argument that is truly embedded in our Constitution and I don’t know how far the constitutionalist can be pushed on this issue.

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