Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The recent deliberative session for the Town of Exeter is usually an informative cordial event; but this past Saturday it was anything but.  We have seen, over the past few years, a subterranean political agenda in Exeter; but, this last meeting not only proved it and showed who is behind it.

I ask everyone to go to the town website and review the meeting to get a flavor of the brain trust that is causing the turmoil and the behind the scenes back room politics/antics that spilled out at a public meeting.

They appear to be the self proclaimed Republican leadership for Exeter; but, after talking to some Republicans that were there it was agreed upon that don’t represent any Republicans that we know.

This group of political misfits added about 2-3 hours of debate that need not happen and angered a lot of people.  As Dorie and I were leaving someone asked me “what is wrong with those people” and the only answer I could give was, “I don’t think the psychology books have found a name for it yet”.

The crowning touch of this meeting was when a selectman, Frank Ferraro, got into a verbal argument with Fire Chief Brian Comeau about the ladder truck that is on this year’s warrant; I don’t know how I am going to vote on this issue, but it won’t be based on Frank’s argument.  It seemed to boil down to an issue of credibility between the two.  It is certainly my opinion that in a credibility issue, Frank and his little band of merry men are going to lose every time and I think they did.  Congratulations to the chief for maintaining his cool.