Thursday, September 5, 2013


I have been a member of SEA for over 20 years and always wondered why they always lean liberal.  If you look at the membership numbers the lowest amount is Republicans who feel the SEA does not represent them but always push for a different liberal socialist agenda.

It is not so much the union membership that has caused this but, the union leadership, most of which is liberal and pushing the socialist agenda.  A few years ago SEAIU1984 was pushing the liberal democrats anti war agenda of “Save our troops pull out of Iraq”.  In fact those signs that were popping up along our State Highways and rights of way, according to the little message on the bottom of the signs were paid for by SEAIU1984.  That agenda didn’t go far due to many SEA members being veterans, the high veterans count in NH and it brought back some real bad memories of the anti war protesters of the Vietnam era. 

Now they are pushing the Obama health care agenda, which, if there is an upside should bring down the Democratic Party within the next two elections.  Most people recognize that this health debacle is huge and we are just starting to get into it.  I was told that 40,000 AFL-CIO workers quit the union because of them pushing this health care program.  I think one of the main reasons the state employees voted against the state contract is because of the Obama care issues, it scared them and rightfully so.

Now SEAIU is pushing to take money away from those who work for it and make it and give it those people who don’t.  I think their catch word is economic equality.  So the old saying that our parents told us is, do good in school, work real hard, and make a good living now has been thrown out the window and the new saying is if you have more than I do, we need to take some from you and give it to me; that is not the American way.

The other socialist agenda item is gun control. I was told that the NH SEA President and the first vice president were at an anti gun rally, they denied that SEA supported this because they were there as private citizens.  When your president and first vice president of a union that is what you are, you don’t always have the luxury of hiding behind “I’m a private citizen”, if you want to be a private citizen that it will up to the union membership to vote you out of office and you can go back to being just a good union member and can do what you want. In fact the first Vice President and members of the Board of Directors were at subsequent Bloomberg rallies which were videoed. 

The issues that are facing us are Social Issue versus Union issues.  What issues that I have mentioned are union issues?  Are they pay raises,   Working conditions, Health insurance issues, a safe work environment?  No they are mostly socialist issues pushed by a union that thinks they are a socialist change agent and they are using the union membership to do it.

There is a lot of discontent within the SEA membership over what I have discussed.  There is an argument to be made that if a union doesn’t represent their membership then why the disenfranchised group is is being forced to pay agency fees.  If the more conservative and moderate wing of the union feel they are being used for a political agenda and not a union agenda, they should not be required to pay the fees.  If any legislation comes up to do away with these fees I think not being represented is a good argument.