Sunday, September 22, 2013


The world is much diversified and it is wrong and short sighted to try to judge other parts of the world by Western Civilization standards while forgetting that war is a contact sport.

Take Iraq for example, we lost thousands of our kids over there and countless, arms, legs eyes and traumatic brain injuries.  The Iraqis wanted us to leave and we pretty much have, selling their oil contracts to the Chinese.  Now they want us to come back because they cannot deal with the up surge in violence.  It sounds like a job for the Chinese to protect their interests.

Then we have Afghanistan, almost the same story and we do not have any interests in that country, we do not want to colonize them like British or Russians, we just wanted to track down and kill  the militant Muslims who have and  will come to the US and kill us if they get a chance, and it has been proven.  The Afghans sold their mineral rights to the Chinese, time for the Chinese to protect their rights and let our kids come home as soon as possible.

Now most of the world is in an outrage that somebody in Syria used poison gas on the Muslim militants who left fighting NATO in Afghanistan (mostly our kids) to fight the government in Syria.  Now our President is sending arms to the militants who again are be-heading anyone who will not support them, and at times eating their body parts. The more militant Muslims that are fighting in Afghanistan the less are fighting our kids.

Now that I am getting old I am trying to remember when the Towers were hit.  I was sure I saw Syrian civilians and their allies dancing in the streets celebrating yelling Allah Snack Bar or something like that; in short we do not have a dog in that fight and should stay out of it.

Unfortunately we have a President who knows nothing about foreign affairs, nothing about the military and out of fairness to him does know about entitlement programs and re-distributing wealth.  Many people are disgusted when they see pictures of him putting his feet up on the furniture in the White House, as I am.  Our Country is well on its way into bankruptcy while the president continues on with his unrealistic and ruthless spending spree.

I have many democrats that are my friends and respect their philosophy and ideals; but, they are taking notice of what is wrong and are as much as we are as to how to fix it until the next election.