Sunday, October 13, 2013


The government shut down has proven to be quite interesting.  I think what is missing is the understanding that the Tea Party movement has been hijacked by the conservative/radical wing of the libertarian party.  In my opinion the fight over Obama care is a smoke screen to do what they wanted to do and that is to shut down government which they did.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the Tea Party movement had its roots in basic Republican ideals, less spending, less government, and personal rights; but, now it is no government.  It started out as a Republican revival of principles. 

This appears to be a large scale remake of what happened in NH a couple of years ago when we had the lunatics running the asylum in the House of Representatives.  How many times did the more common sense Senate have to step in and use their common sense to deal with the anti government legislation coming out of the house.  Keep in mind this was all done in the name of Republicanism.

Now the US Senate is fighting with the US House of Representatives over common sense issues.  John Boehner is not as bad as the President and the press make out.  The problems appear to be him hanging on to his leadership position and, because of that, having to deal with the loonies in DC.  Couple all of this with a President who cannot lead, manage or tell the truth and we have a recipe for disaster, financially and for the security of our country.

When we step back and think of our political future it is apparent that we do not have any leadership ready to step up to the plate and run for political office.  It is starting to wear thin when we have to vote for the lesser of two evils.  The old guard Republicans appear to be tired and disenfranchised by the so called leadership of our party who are better at name calling then coming up with productive ideas; both parties are doing it so there is plenty of blame going around.

I cannot tell you what the fix is going to be, politically we haven’t hit bottom yet; but, I do know the voters have to engage in the process, we have to take back our government and the process.  If we don’t there will be a very short future for our country and our families