Sunday, November 9, 2014


With the 2014 elections over it reminds me of a blog I did about two years ago when I talked about re-districting.  I mentioned that by separating Exeter from any of the surrounding towns the O’Brien redistricting plan would probably guarantee the we wouldn’t be getting any Republican State Rep candidates elected for the better part of 10 years because there would be no way to offset the number of democratic voters.  It looks like that understanding held true.  Some of the Republican candidates worked hard; but, lost.  I can tell you that is never fun.

I was told there was about 60,000 Republicans not voting for Scott Brown.  The pundits are all over the board as to why he lost; but, the most interesting fact is neither Shaheen or Brown took debating 101 in school.  The funniest thing I saw was Shaheen, from Missouri, attacking Brown from MA as being a carpet bagger that always made me chuckle.  Two of the biggest anti Brown issues were his anti gun stances, which cost him the large and vocal gun groups, and Shaheen putting him on the defensive for abortion.  This forced him to come out with expensive ads pandering to the women’s vote and supporting abortion which cost him many of the religious right.  That was a smart move on Shaheen’s part.

Poor Walt Haverstein, although coming closer than people expected was never destined to win; the rumor going around Republican circles was he was just a place holder for the next candidate to run for an empty governor’s seat when Maggie runs against Ayotte in 2016.  Now Maggie has to raise another few million $’s for that race.  The other issue that Walt made a cornerstone of his platform was doing away with the Obama expanded Medicare program.  If you stop and check it was the Republicans that pushed that plan through NH not the democrats.  I hear there is millions to be made in the implementation of this program for those that know how to work the system all at the expense of the rate payers.  Poor Walt, he was out here talking about repealing a program that the State Senate Republican leadership pushed through.  I hate to tell you this Walt I think you were set up for failure, that’s why, in your debates, Maggie kept pounding you on her bi-partisanship, she never pushed expanded Medicaid through the Republicans did.

The Republican Senators just elected nationwide need to never forget we did not elect them to compromise our principles; the democrats are all screaming bi-partisanship because they need republicans to push through their agenda, the very agenda that has our country over 18 trillion in the hole and in the middle of WW 3 with the Muslims; bring down the deficit, clean up the runaway Obama entitlement programs and rebuild (not cut our military), oh, by the way the United States is a Christian country.