Thursday, November 13, 2014



Kelly Ayotte and some other establishment Republicans signed a letter asking Republican State Reps to vote for Gene Chandler for House Speaker against Wild Bill O’Brien the house bully.  The content follows:


“Support Gene Chandler, lawmakers urged

U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte and state Republican leaders past and present are asking members of the New Hampshire House to vote in Gene Chandler as speaker.

The group sent a letter Wednesday to the state representatives recommending the Republican as the next Speaker of the House, a title he held from 2000 to 2004.

“Now, we have the opportunity and responsibility to make great things happen for the people of New Hampshire ...,” the letter said.

The letter is addressed to “representative-elect,” signed by Ayotte, former Govs. John H. Sununu and Stephen E. Merrill, the Hon. Charles F. Bass and former Speakers Doug Scamman and Donna Sytek.

The letter asks the lawmakers to cast a vote for Chandler during the Republican caucus on Tuesday, Nov. 18.

“We have all worked with Gene over the years and know that he will listen carefully to all members of the Republican caucus and will put you first,” the letter said”.


Republicans took a drubbing because O’Brien brought down the whole Republican agenda.  What is equally interesting the same Billybots that blindly supported O’Brien and got thrown out of the legislature because of it, appear to be supporting him again; DUUUUUHHH! It is obvious to me and it is my opinion that our Republican establishment remembers two years ago when in that election the Republicans were placed on the endangered species list.


Now that we will have Kelly Ayotte in a tough race with Maggie Hassan in 2016 they cannot afford another Republican debacle like the last election and has encouraged open warfare amongst the Republican Party.  It looks like the Free Staters are supporting O’Brien against the Republican establishment that is supporting Chandler.


The pundits are saying that NH is not a red state or blue state; but, a purple state, it looks more and more like a black and blue state to me.