Saturday, January 21, 2017


This was given to the Stratham Selectman's Office, the Marine who sent it did not want his name used in my blog; but signed the letter to the BOS.  If you're not a combat veteran you wouldn't understand.

To whom it may concern,

   I am a combat Veteran who served with the 3rd Marine Division, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, Alpha Company in Vietnam. I've been a resident of the Town of Stratham for the past thirty-five years and have an engraved brick installed within the Veterans Memorial at Stratham Hill Park.

   My comrades and I experienced heavy combat. Within my Battalion we lost 223 men Killed In Action. As of 2003, of the 223 men, 29 bodies still have not been recovered and brought home.

   Fourteen of those 29 men still listed as MIA/BNR, (Missing In Action-Body Not Recovered) were from my Company, Alpha Company.

   If there is no room within the Stratham Veterans Memorial for the POW-MIA Flag which represents my Brothers, still Missing In Action, than there is no room for me. Because of this lack of respect shown for the POW-MIA Flag and my Brothers, I view the Veterans Memorial as a place of no honor.  

   Therefore, I request that my brick be removed immediately and not reinstalled until the appropriate honor and recognition of my lost Brothers is allowed within the Veterans Memorial at Stratham Hill Park.

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