Friday, January 27, 2017



With hypocrisy reaching new levels in Exeter I just could not resist adding my two cents worth about the extended seven year contract negotiated by the Board of Selectman with the Town Manager on a vote of 3-2.

Anybody that watches the BOS meetings on channel 22 can’t help but notice that the lunatic fringe is getting active again.  We have one of the founding members of the fringe on the board with another board member who has been inducted into the Lunatic Fringe Hall of Fame for a frequent vote of 3-2 on many issues.  It is pretty obvious that the (2) are not good fits for the Board.  I believe they have an agenda that is not good for the Town of Exeter.

I am sure that anyone watching the Selectmen’s meetings can see the toxic political environment that is permeating Exeter.  Fortunately we have a selectman’s election coming up in about a month and can make the needed adjustments at that time.

Let’s look at why the BOS agreed to a seven year contract for the Town Manager.  The lunatic Fringe has been trying to get the TM fired or harass him to the point that he quits.  He was sued by the Fringe, and harassed, as well as the Selectmen, at almost every meeting.  This politically unstable group wants to either run the town or be a shadow government that runs the town.

If the Fringe gets one more vote on the BOS the Town Manager would be gone except by the new contract that was negotiated to keep him for (7)  years and hard to fire him without cause.  The TM has children in school and it would be bad for the town and his family to be under the constant threat of losing his job and family livelihood just because the Fringe wants to prove they have power.

My question to the voters and taxpayers in Exeter is what direction is Exeter going in that you don’t like?  We do have a healthy discussion on growth verses not in my back yard (NIMBY’S) who don’t want any growth.  The town is vibrant, beautiful and I believe moving in the right direction on most fronts (except the dam). I believe three members of the BOS understood this when they negotiated the TM’s contract.

Generally, I would not support an extended contract but because of this politically toxic environment I think it was fair to the TM and the Town of Exeter to continue to move Exeter forward.  It looks like the TM, for just cause, can still be removed; but difficult for personal or political design. So Russ don’t screw up.