Sunday, April 19, 2009


HB 415, the so called bathroom bill, has passed the house on a very close vote. Some have called this the transvestite bill of rights which loosely defines discrimination when dealing with transvestites.

Basically what this bill does is to allow a male to use the ladies room or any female facilities, like the women’s’ locker room in the gym, simply by claiming that he feels he is a women trapped in a man’s’ body.

This is pretty much a frame of mind bill, what is your frame of mind.

It is a poorly crafted bill because it does not clearly define the transvestite issue or whether the person is a struggling transvestite or a predatory pedophile.
It is now up to the senate to see if you ladies have to share your showers with men or not. By the way if you are in a ladies room or locker room and a man is in there and you tell him to leave you can be sued for discrimination and taken before the human rights commission.

Almost all of the republicans and a group of concerned common sense democrats voted against this bill. The list below shows who voted and what way on this bill:

A yeah vote was to support the bill; a nay vote was to kill it.
Matt Quandt-Nay
Doug Scamman-Nay
Stella Scamman-Nay
Donna Shlachman-Yea
Joe Russell-Not Voting
Trinka Russell-Yea
Judith Day-Yea
John Henson-Yea
Kim Casey-Yea

Anybody who has disagreed with this bill has been called a bigot, or whatever names the left wing socialist can come up with. I’m just an old fashioned guy, we have women’s facilities and men’s facilities and there is a reason for that. I like it the way it is.

With all the financial problems we are having why are we fooling with stuff like this? Where is the common sense in the political process?
Update on the $72,000 remodeled ladies room by the senate leadership offices; I heard it was out of order for a day. Rumor has it when the ladies room was refinished they put in non commercial toilets which are stopping up.
When we voted for change did we go from dumb to stupid??

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