Wednesday, April 22, 2009


During Bam Bam’s presidential campaign rhetoric he was saying that “when elected president I will look forward, not back”. Well the country elected him and we are looking backwards. A prime example is this terrible intelligence fiasco. Releasing the game book of our interrogation techniques? I think the kid is still doing cocaine.

It is true, at the very least, our country is less safe. While saying he is not going to prosecute those who used aggressive tactics in interrogation one day and turning around saying he will leave it up his Attorney General. Is strictly political grandstanding to the socialist left while still trying to whip up a political frenzy against republicans and George Bush.

I hate to burst anyone’s fantasy that combat is not a contact sport, it is. It is very personal one on one and there is a reason our military is trained to kill. OH, I forgot all those young men and women who are putting their lives on the line daily to protect us and bring freedom to another part of world, are potential republican right wing extremist. What a lack of respect these socialists who have taken over our government are displaying for our kids.

We are dealing with people who cut our kids heads off (with a dull knife-no joking) to prolong the agony. According to the socialists and US haters in D.C. and around the country, that’s ok because it is George Bush’s war and we shouldn’t be there anyway.

The videos of this should be shown in the broadest manner to see what we are up against, it is horrific. But it puts what is going on in perspective.

It is important that we collect accurate and factual intelligence information. How we get this information which saves our kids lives; and protects our home shores should not be made public, under any circumstances.

For a time I worked POW interrogation, it is not fun and it is not clean; but, a very important part of winning a war. My question to anyone is if your child or loved one was taken prisoner and was going to be decapitated, would you care how I obtained the information to save them?

What is important is that the job gets done, people are saved and lives are not lost. We do not need to know who gets this information or how it is obtained.

The path that our national leaders are taking is playing politics with our lives, our militaries lives and our children’s lives. What they are doing is not only ill advised it is absolutely asinine.


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