Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is the new ladies bathroom for the State House Third floor next to the senate leadership office. Some are saying this cost $72,000 and some say $82,000, no matter the construction cost and all the pertinent material have been requested under the right to know law.
I was told that the walls are pink Italian marble and almost everything in the bathroom is automatic, OK almost automatic.
The liberals who pushed this through and I am told our local senator was at the epicenter are all doing damage control as to why they had to spend so much on a bathroom. I also was told that there is the equivalent of two chandelier lights and pewter decorates the bathroom fixtures.
Every time I think it cannot get much stupider, it does. While constituents are losing their jobs, trying to keep their houses from going into foreclosure the liberals, repeal the death penalty, promote same sex marriage, and push through the transvestite bill of rights that, by my reading, will allow a man who claims female identify can use the ladies locker room at the gym and ladies public toilets. Having been in Law Enforcement for over 30 yrs, do you think rapist, pedophiles and other perverts are not going to take advantage of this; I do.
By the way they are raising your gas taxes, capital gains, taxes on gambling winnings and about everything else they can to meet their tax and spend agenda. The voters wanted change, WOW we have it.

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