Friday, March 12, 2010


There is an interesting situation developing in Exeter and the local elections have proven that. The liberals/socialists won the elections and to that I say they deserved to win because they worked hard, ran a solid grass roots campaign and won. Guess what, that is how you win campaigns. Congratulations to those who won and now the job begins. The biggest effort should be to straighten out town hall, clean up the hostile work situation, end the inmate rat system (tattle tale) that is permeating the town building and clean up the finance office.

The biggest mistake the board can make is to hire more people when the voters told them “no”. That will leave them wide open for all kinds of attacks; but, I don’t expect the educated, inteligencia, elitists who definitely are better and smarter than the majority of us will find twisted ways to justify their arguments for going against the democratic process. You will and have heard accusations that “we don’t understand, we mistake socialism for intelligence”, I have news for those people, they are mistaken and stupid for making such comments because it proves our points about their mind set.

We elected them in D.C. and look at the mess. We elected them in Concord and look at the mess. Now we elected some of them in Exeter and will wait and see. The wild card will be Don Clement. I’ve known Don for a number of years, and disagree with him on some philosophies, I don’t think he is a lock step democrat; but, it is up to Don to do what is right for Exeter and should be given a chance to prove his metal.


Well someone taught the liberals how to count; I was told (by them) that they were smarter than we are so this came as a surprise. After pushing through the LLC tax, they took so much heat they are now trying to repeal it. LLC’s will still have to pay for last year’s tax; but, the proposal is to repeal it before the November elections. Now they are fighting over the campground tax. Some are whining that this will only increase the budget deficit and cut into their wild and crazy spending programs.

Good job Maggie; you’re our senator, why don’t you put yourself in for more awards and recognition. Maybe the gambling interests will give a miniature gold plated slot machine for working so hard for their interests. The money that you took from them in campaign contributions should be enough; but, we need to play that down so a little token of their appreciation with a press release would be nice.

On a state and national level we have a lot to think about. Obama is blaming insurances for the high cost of health care and demonizing them. Our local senator was blaming the hospitals and wanted to put together a commission to oversee hospital rates; both socialistic in nature and done to achieve the cheer leader effect of “hey look at me, vote for me, look what I am doing for you”. All the time screwing up everything they are touching. Too much heat and now our senator puts in an amendment to make the commission voluntary, too much heat from the hospitals. This could make a sane man crazy or a crazy one worse.

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