Sunday, March 7, 2010


I have known Tim for several years and have gone to high school with his opponent. Knowing both I recommend Tim for re-election to the Stratham Board of Selectman.

Tim is a strong fiscal conservative and has the ability to get the job done with the least amount of money, your money I might add. He moved to Stratham with his family a number of years ago and is dedicated to the efficiency of not only making Stratham one of the better communities in the state; but, one of the safest with the addition of the new police chief. Tim is representative of the future of Stratham with his forward-thinking philosophy and strong community involvement.

Stratham is a community at the cross roads of development; it can move forward in a well disciplined manner following the wishes of the taxpayers or thrown to the wolves and end up looking like Salem on Route 28. Many of my friends in Stratham do not want this style of development nor do they want leadership by a small group of behind the scenes people who seem to be pushing self interest.

Tim is the breath of fresh air, experience and dedication that Stratham needs to continue to move forward.

Please come out to vote on March 9 for Tim Copeland for selectman.

Lee Quandt

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