Sunday, March 28, 2010


It certainly has been an interesting past couple of weeks. We not only reformed health care, or was it, health insurance. It is hard to understand just what we did and the congress doesn’t have any idea what they did either and they are the ones who actually did it.

It is so bad congress has been given extra protection because some are being shot at and others have had rocks thrown through their windows. Now the democrat party has decried this violence and encourages their supporters to fight back by sending the party money.

I have to hand it to them, I never would have thought of using violence as a fund raising tool. What will they think of next? Those little rascals are always thinking of ways to get a head. The question arises that how do we know they are not promoting it for financial gain?

I don’t think the tea party supporters are violent; they have been praised by the police that go to their rallies as decent law abiding and non-violent people who are just protesting what the government does.

God bless them; but, how do you protest what congress and government is doing when congress and government does not know what they are doing? I’m still trying to process this so I can give you a better understanding of what is going on.

It is even more comical on a state level where we have legislators who want to cut spending, then a group that wants to institute a sales and income tax, and then we have the pro gambling. Actually, it is the pro gambling legislators that have been paid well for their position and support of the gambling industry. They are now saying how slots are the panacea out of our budget debt. I don’t really care one way or another; but, I don’t support slots or expanded gambling.

First of all the money touted as coming to the state coffers is way over blown. We may get a big chunk of change initially; but, sustainable revenue is way over blown. The word is that the governor is concerned about the amount of money being thrown around the state in the promotion of expanded gambling and because of that has gained political influence.

Unfortunately the democrats, which is the majority party for the time being, have drank the so called political cool aid and follow their leadership blindly and made some stupid votes. The LLC tax which they did with little or no real input from the tax payers and businesses, passed and signed into law by the governor. The governor now wants to repeal it and it has only been in effect for about a year. The campground tax repeal they are still fighting over.

The so called budget cuts and state employee layoffs is a good one; what they did in many cases is simply laid off state workers and contracted out the services for the same cost, or close to it, to the private sector. There are no savings only smoke and mirrors. Then our local senator put in a bill to have a commission to oversee and regulate what hospitals charge. She took so much heat she backed off and is now trying to figure how she is going to save face for looking like a green horn rookie after getting beat back for trying to socialize health care delivery with price controls. My, my, stupid is as stupid does; run Forest, run.

There are some poling numbers that shows congress and certain members in the single digits and low teens; and all this time some of their parents probably told them (as youngsters that they probably wouldn’t amount to much), well they sure showed their parents.

If we the voters do not take back our government and our country, right now in the next election, we will have a new generation of young people who will grow up thinking this is how life should be: high taxes, government running our lives not us running our government, not questioning what is going on in our government and why.

The easiest way to allow this to happen is simply to do nothing. Stay home, do not vote, do not par take in the voting process and then complain about your taxes or the changeover to socialism, the open promotion of the deterioration of the family structure (why listen to your parents government is the answer). There is no questions that if you want to take back our government and country we have our work cut out for us.


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