Sunday, October 10, 2010


Politicians seem to be afraid of those people who identify as “Tea Party Followers” or supporters. If I’m paying attention they are disenfranchised republicans and moderate to conservative democrats who have had it with the political machines. They do not like where both parties have taken our country and state.

By their very purpose in life political machines are like government bureaucrats, trying to expand their power and influence to feed their feelings of self-importance. As people are coming to realize they don’t care about us; but, simply want to use us to feed their egos and feelings of self importance.

I was talking to some democrats and they couldn’t believe why the republicans have so much infighting and attacking each other. Obviously, they have been hearing the same things that Matt, I and our supporters have. I guess when you tell the establishment to bug off, they have to try to hurt you so anyone else who sees the problems within the political structure power brokers and king makers try to make sure the rebellion comes to an end.

If you noticed the democrats haven’t been wasting a lot of time attacking republicans, on a local level, because they know they don’t have to because we have a toxic venomous group attacking other republicans. So it is no longer important to promote republican principles and ideas, it has to be choreographed by the political power brokers. What you are seeing is the last gasps of antique thinking and emergence of people who are no longer listening to them.

Maybe it is just the people I talk to; but, most say they care more about the candidate and their message than they do who what party they belong to. Once the republicans adapt to this political change they will be able to come out strong. The democrats, in my opinion, have not been able to stand alone on the issues. Their candidates are being fed the standard line cool aid and everyone knows their arguments cannot defend their political positions. For whatever reasons they cannot admit that they screwed up the state and federal government and are just being fed info to justify what they did. The voters can see through this and it will cost the democrats major votes. If they are unwilling to realize and admit what caused the problem it is going to be hard to work with them to fix it.

The republicans will probably win by default, no matter how dumb we act or who attacks who. Where the problem lies is will they work together should they get elected. The answer will probably be no, the newbie’s will follow the republican platform and leadership right over the cliff. In other words, as one of my supporters put it, every nut that signed up will win. She actually made me chuckle for quite awhile over that one.

Exeter-Stratham and North Hampton have a tendency to buck the political trend and vote for the candidate and the message instead of the party so I would be quite cautious in having victory parties before the votes are counted.

I think the break for the district 13 states rep races will be somewhere around 4-4 or 5-3, breaking even or in favor of republicans. I’m still watching the state senate race and the governor’s council race.

I believe the voters will stay with the candidates that have the best message and who and what candidate and message the voters relate too.

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