Friday, October 29, 2010


Pat Abrami and I had a long talk and have cleared the air and put aside any disagreements or misunderstandings. As we grow older we understand that grudges and ill feelings do not extend our lives. I have always respected Pat and understand his steadfastness in doing the right thing for our constituents and with his health care knowledge will be an asset to our constituents.

Remember I said at the last candidate’s forum, if people have their hearts in the right place to do the right thing, the only part of the equation to answer is how we get there.

There is a lot to respect with our republican candidates; they all bring something to the table and have strong leadership abilities to lead and guide us through the next few years of what is shaping up to be very tough economic decisions. People like Pat, Frank, Ron, Joanne, Tim and Michele do have the abilities to do this. If elected they will all need political guidance to get to that other 50% of the problem, which is the solution.

I saw them struggle through this campaign, now if they win, they will need to be molded as a team to become affective representatives and Matt and I will be working with them to move our constituents agenda forward (of course this is if we all win); but that will be up to the voters.

I do have an area of concern, no longer about our candidates; but, if the republicans show up on Tuesday, Nov 2d. The independents, god bless them, can only carry the fight for so long. We will need main stream republicans to step up and stand with us.


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