Tuesday, June 28, 2011


In his desire to be a bully O’Brian poster child the latest intellectual statement from bully JR. is that with all the budget cuts those in need can simply go to churches and non profit social programs to get the needed money to help, doesn’t he understand we are talking about mentally handicapped and severely disabled.

Well if you’re so out of touch as JR. is you might have missed that even the food banks are broke with the churches rising up and saying they don’t have the money for this. You have to remember this is NOT down shifting because the speaker and JR. say so. How can anyone with an ounce of brains think that the private social service programs and churches can pick up what the state is dumping in the abdication of the states responsibility????

This is one of the best examples of how out of control the current legislative leadership group is.

When the voters of Hudson realize what a prize the legislature won when they sent him to Concord, I think they will make some changes.


Bully has learned a new phrase “hyper drive”; I think he learned it from his last D.C. meeting with the right to work thugs. Although bully’s tinsel teethed mouth piece claims he never met with the RTW thugs, no one in Concord is buying it. We can’t believe anything that comes out of the mouths of this leadership team anyway so why start now.

I call them thugs because of reports that they are calling female legislators that do not support RTW, in the late hours of the night and calling them, “union whores”. That is the new approach to convincing people to support their cause, how utterly disgusting, remember the lunatics are running the asylum.

Bully keeps claiming that if we pass RTW it will put our economy into “hyper drive”; at face value this is ridiculous for the state of NH. Some economist claim NH is doing better than most other states and we are on the right economic path with the right balance of government and private sector involvement to move steadily ahead out of this recession. The best thing Mr. Hyper Drive can do, based on his Free State approach, is to stay out of it, don’t screw anything up, and take credit for what is happening. Oh, and stop watching science fiction space movies, hyper drive is a little much.


So why are they calling on Bill Binnie to help them out? It seems the party is being controlled by free staters, or a radicalized wing of the Tea Party movement; let them raise the money. They are only going to use it to attack republicans that disagree with their crazy agenda of wiping out government and promoting anarchy.

It is interesting that at least some free staters are not using their real names; WOW I wonder why that is?? I hope we hear more about this in the future and let’s all thank Craig Benson for this mess, real good move Craig.

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