Saturday, January 14, 2012


I was reading the Concord Monitor this morning and there was an article about the NH Republican Liberty Caucus and how wonderful they are. If you know them and have been attacked by them it was quite sickening. Did you know they closed the 800 million dollar deficit that the democrats left? The last I knew it hasn’t been closed yet and the cost shifting to the towns and cities is to take place in 2013 after the next election.

Carol McKinney, who wrote the article, was talking about republicans, how they are all members of the Republican Party and by the way they are the only true republicans because they adhere to the party platform. If I remember right it was this special education section of the Free State Project, along with the Free Stators, that infiltrated the Republican Party, and wrote the agenda that is tailored to their ideas and not main stream republicans.

They claim not to be free stators; but, appear to be cross bread as an organization, the groups seem to be made of the same people. So now that they are being brought out into the open are running for cover.

Aren’t these, along with the free stators, the same group that is reducing health insurance coverage for you and your families? Aren’t these the same people who are wiping out your consumer protection coverage that protects you from unscrupulous predatory business practices, like pre-buy oil contracts? I think they are.

These are the same people who attack republicans who do not agree with them or their out of control agenda. They openly brag about attacking republicans who disagree with them to force their will on those who disagree. These people are the true RINO’S Republicans in name only; they are not republicans and are in NH to take the state over politically and institute their psycho anarchistic philosophy.

They are so republican, if you listen to them and believe them, they are trying to institute a third party just for them. I’m in favor of that I just wish it isn’t in NH.

They are hoping to double their numbers in the house and senate in the next election; but, they will be identified in the next election and it will be up to you the voters to join the fight and vote them out of office and keep those who are running out.

The NH way of life is at stake.