Sunday, April 22, 2012


The following is a post from, supposedly, Representative Will Smith from New Castle, that appeared on the Exeter Patch. This is so typical of the O’Brien Supporters and leadership team and speaks for itself as to why we need a change. I guess poor Willie is now the poster child for the O’Brien cult.

Don’t worry Will; O’Brien will give you a pat on the head for this fabrication.

The fact is on the Right to Work Bill, O’Brien took it out of order to try to run it through since I was not there and still in the hospital. Representative Peter Bolster took to the floor to move that the bill be special ordered to the following week to see if I could be there, a very common process. O’Brien did not want this and it went to a roll call vote of 300 to42, or close to these numbers and the speaker lost the argument and issue. Since the house rebuked the speaker, I got out of the hospital on a Sunday and was in Concord 3 days later to argue the Right to work issue that Rep. Smith sponsored. I felt I needed to return the show of respect shown to me by the house and the show of gratitude for the respect of the political process.

Calling Emerson and Copeland liars is like calling Mary Poppins a hooker, just doesn’t fit and not credible.

Rep. Smith

4:41 pm on Saturday, April 21, 2012

“Peter that's because none of the so called "bullying" episodes EVER occurred! Emerson is a liar, the Senate Sergeant at Arms is a union hack and was FIRED and he wasn't even in the room and Tim Copeland is a union hack liar who also wasn't there and never even had a conversation with the Speaker or majority leader. Isn't it interesting that all those alleging about bullying were against right to work and bringing jobs to Nh and they themselves were bullies. One NEA member Telling one rep that his daughter wouldn't be on the varsity basketball team of he voted for it, threatening another he'd lose his job, threatening yet another rep that her husband would lose his job, stalking and following reps on the highway and following them home to intimidate them. And those dues go toward giving BILLIONS to get Dems re-elected so NO WONDER they want to force people who don't want to be in labor unions to still pay to fund their political agenda. It's gotten out of control in state government and in the school system. O'Brien is a good, good man with amazing character who is very compassionate but does so quietly because he's not a fake like all these guys alleging bullying. Anyone mention when Quandt had his heart attack O'Brien put off the right to work vote until he could come back to speak against and vote against the bill (even though it wasn't in Obriens best interest)? No, because it doesn't fit in to YOUR narrative and intimidation tactics.”