Friday, April 6, 2012


The redistricting bill passed the house; but, I don’t think the fight is over with almost guaranteed court challenges on a variety of issues. Matt and I said we would not support this bill, as well as many others, and then they caved and supported it.
What O’Brien supposedly did was to tell the press that he would NOT bring the governor’s veto up (redistricting) last week and a number of reps took a spring vacation. Then, it looks like; the speaker counted votes and rammed the bill through. Manchester is suing because of the bill and other cities are looking to sign on.

The people, who fought the Right to Work bill, knew you couldn’t trust the speaker. During the Right to Work fight the speaker constantly put out misleading information on when he was going to call for a vote, called us back for three session days and lost the vote anyway because we knew he couldn’t be trusted. Now there are a bunch of red faced reps that went along with him and denied those reps in opposition of the redistricting plan a chance to be heard because of intentional misinformation was put out.


I heard last night that the out spoken house rep from Manchester Steve Vaillancourt was thrown off of the finance committee. He and the speaker have been going at it on policy and anyone that knows Steve knows he does his home work on the issues and won’t back down. One thing about Steve, and I know him he will not go quietly into the night.


Some of our state reps also are locally elected officials, selectmen, budget committee, etc. Well, some of them either didn’t get elected to their positions, their family members didn’t get elected to a position or they were thrown out of local office. They don’t seem to understand why because they believe that this insanity that we call legislative politics (the house) is what they think the voters wanted. Unfortunately, when the new people got elected they just talked amongst themselves, didn’t listen or talk to the voters, and proceeded to dissect state government. Instead of creating jobs, we have caused the layoff of about 4,000 workers. Anybody proud of that is off their meds and out of touch with the reality of the last election.

I was told by someone in state campaigns, and travels the state that there are two names that equate with mud. One is Bully O’Brien and the other is the free staters, they are both being tied to the “out of touch republicans”. Unfortunately, we have a good group of old fashion republicans that are simply overwhelmed by the craziness that is prevalent in the house. We are still counting votes to remove the speaker and waiting for the right spark to do it.