Sunday, April 29, 2012


Last week was certainly telling on O’Brien’s leadership mentality. I have said in the past that O’Brien wants to attack instead of talk when it comes to dealing with problems and this past week proved my case. The house, under the recommendation of O’Brien attacked the senate.

What brought this to a head were some bills the senate either refused to accept or killed out right. I am glad and NH should be grateful that the senate has more common sense this session than the speaker’s office has. This is a WAH, WAH AND WAH, you killed our wonderful bills and we are going to show you by tabling yours.

A true leader or diplomat would have sat down with the senate and see what could be negotiated out before going to war.

Many of the senators were state reps before being elected to the senate and I worked with all of them; good, honest people who, like many of us, just want to try and do a good job.

This isn’t a fight over I have more power than you, it should be a meeting of the minds of moving the state and peoples hopes forward for a better place to live.

The sickness that has infected the state house is really starting to show.