Sunday, July 22, 2012


There is growing rumors that the Democratic leadership doesn’t want to see the bully out of the house. It is hard to believe; but, if this is true then there is a case to be made that the Democratic leadership is putting politics above people; that is no great surprise they play politics the same as the Republicans do.

The theory is that keeping O’Brien in office will help the Democrats win seats; in other words O’Brien is being used as a democratic recruiting tool, unfortunately it is working.

Talking to statewide Republicans, people who follow politics (and vote), claim O’Brien is a dirty word around the state. They are also afraid that he is bringing down the Republican Party in NH. Some of the political hoity toities do not want to admit it; but, it appears to becoming more recognizable in political circles. The sad thing is, many saw this coming and just kept drinking the cool aid admired the emperor’s clothes.


I was reading an article today about the free stators fighting with the Occupy NH group and Occupy NH does want anything to do with them. The one thing that the free stators are good at is infiltrating legitimate boards and commissions then trying to move up to state politics like the legislature. It looks like Occupy NH nipped them in the bud. We can see that on the local levels, budget committees, planning boards, ZBA boards and gun clubs. It looks like the word is getting out at how destructive the free stators can be to the legitimate political agenda of a state and especially NH, we have to keep in mind their purpose of coming to NH is to take over and turn us into their idea of a no government utopian state.


Rumors will be rumors and the latest are very interesting. As if Republican State Party Chairman Wayne McDonald doesn’t have enough head aches with the bully bringing down the party, new rumors are rising. The biggest is that there is a small group of House Republicans talking about giving the Democrats a number of committee chairmanships if the Democrats are in the minority and are willing to support a, yet unannounced, Republican speaker candidate. They are hoping that O’Brien wins his local race for state rep and runs for speaker. If O’Brien is in the house and runs for speaker again the Democrats have a bargaining chip, if he loses then they don’t.

No matter what party was in charge of the house, neither party has given up chairmanships in the past while the logistics is mind boggling. If anyone does this will it mean we invite the Democrats to our majority leadership meetings?

My advice to the Democratic House Leadership is do not do this it will only hurt the house and an argument can be made that you do not care about good responsible government only trying to get back the power and control that the voters took away from you in the last election.

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