Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We often think that pervert is used to describe weird sexual things or people so inclined. What we too often miss is how certain people with blatant insecurities lie and twist the truth and facts to try to bully other people into either doing or not doing something. In my opinion Olson is a political pervert and needs to do some fact checking when he makes false claims.

What the Republican (Rhino) Liberty Caucus is doing is perverting the Republican message that Republicans have used in NH since I got into politics in 1972. They do articles claiming THEY are the only true Republicans in the state. No they are either Free Staters or Free State supporters who have done a good job at destroying the Republican Party in NH with their crazy anarchistic ideas of dismantling government.

If you don’t agree with them they’ll attack you for not being a true Republican, a Republican in name only (rhino). It would be nice if they would just go back to where they came from.

NH Republicans are fiscally conservative, socially split on some of the issues dealing with abortion, gay marriage and those issues that belong to the individuals. We understand that there is a need for government, they don’t. They want some kind of Free State libertarian society without rules. They don’t need police, fire fighters or teachers. Real Republicans understand the need for what we have; we just need to limit its growth.

In my opinion Richard Olson fancies himself as some kind of political figure that uses the Granite Grok or Granite Crock as I call it to intimidate anyone who disagrees with him or the cult following that makes up the Liberty Caucus.

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