Wednesday, July 18, 2012


There is no question politics in NH is a contact sport. Complete with varying teams that are mentally handicapped to physically handicapped. It just depends on which team you want to play on.

For example, we have two republicans running for governor, neither one seems to be all that appealing to the voters. Ovide has name recognition for losing all of his campaigns while Smith is known for running Cornerstone Policy Research, using this organization to attack those Republicans that disagreed with his philosophy; it is rumored that Smith is heavily supported by former governor Craig Benson.

On the Democrats side we have Maggie from PEA and then Jackie Cilley who got her start in a third floor tenement with mill worker parents in Berlin, NH. The choices are clear and defined if you’re a democrat.

If you are one of the thousands of NH Republicans who are also union members the choices are even clearer, both Republicans have no use of us and seem to be supporting Bill O’Brien who union Republicans have no use for. My big question is how do you get elected when you start out with, up to a 300,000 vote deficit when you get done counting family and friends? I guess you have to ask New Gingrich, after getting endorsed by O’Brien saw his poll numbers cut in half in NH. Newt didn’t want to listen either.

As a life long Republican I have a philosophy that we can beat the democrats; but only after fighting the republicans.

On a national level we have Obama and Romney. Again we have a decision, should we stay home on Election Day or hold our nose? Obama will not show the public his college records and Romney will not show all of his income tax returns. These two are like drinking warm beer.

Mike McCarthy, a super state rep and close friend, told me the republicans are like a non winning football team who can’t win because they keep tackling their own players; how true how very true.

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