Sunday, January 12, 2014


I had a friend call me the other day about my last posting when I commented on what I saw and new about the raw sewerage going into the Exeter River and fish eating it.  He said he read something on a blog, I think it was called View from the Bathroom, or something like that calling me a liar or whatever.

The issue is simple, growing up before the lagoon holding ponds, were instituted I witnessed this.  I also have been very recently told by a current town employee and an older retired town employee that the town put horn pout (catfish) in the lagoon holding ponds to help clean them out, however I have not been able to verify this.  I was also told that unfortunately the Town doesn’t allow fishing, swimming or boating in the ponds.

I also went online to both Google and Bing and typed in “fish and sewerage” and it was quite amazing to read the hundreds of pages of information; including complaints that the FDA is inspecting less than 2% of fish being imported.  In reading this info it appears that China and Vietnam are using sewerage to feed their fish and shrimp on a regular basis, it is all there to read.

Well Frankie and Brian you got caught again, when are you going to learn?