Tuesday, January 21, 2014


In a recent response to Matt’s position on removal of the dam the writer claimed that removal of the dam was suppose to be part of the 2008 petition to study repairing the dam.  Anybody I talked to, and my memory, is that it was not.  The issue of dam removal did not come about until after 3/5’s of the voters passed the warrant article to study dam renovation.

The erroneous statements that all of the other issues Matt has concerns about have already been answered were answered in the River Study Committee Report. Matt read the report a couple of times and I read a couple of times and I could not find concrete answers to these question and concerns.  The study committee worked very hard to get this report out.  Whether I agree or disagree with the conclusions, I really respect their dedication and hard work; but, there is a lot of guess work in the report.

A study report is just that, looking at an issue and trying to come up with the best guesses as to what will happen to the river should the dam be taken down.  The only fact I believe we can count on is we won’t know until the dam comes down and what all of the ramifications will be may be too late.  If you haven’t noticed we are being pushed and pushed hard to tear down the dam; we should wait awhile longer and look at the conflicting reports as to what the ramifications will be and how we can deal with them.  Other than our citizens, water is Exeter only natural resource and we better get it right the first time.



To round out their anger management home work assignment they both had letters to the editors one claiming that Matt’s concern for the taxpayers of Exeter and raising questions about the dam removal that were not totally answered in the study report were already answered and Matt had not been paying attention during the past year.  It appeared to be a venomous personal attack that, in my opinion, sounded like something Griset is known for.

Brady was attacking me for not showing Frank more respect.  I don’t start out giving respect until the person who wants it has shown that he deserves it.  Under no circumstances does the square peg in a round hole on the board Frank deserve it.

As a selectman, going after the Town Manager and suing the Town, in my opinion is not commanding of respect.  Throwing digs at the board and trying to undermine them, in my opinion is not commanding of respect.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Brady likes to tout that he was a Coast Guard Officer, I’m not going to doubt that; I only question how good an officer he was.  In my opinion he does not understand leadership principles, he does not understand how to gain respect and he doesn’t seem to have a grasp of what is needed to work with people and move Exeter forward.

There is a reason some people in Exeter are referred to as the “lunatic fringe”