Sunday, January 5, 2014


I was asked the other day what was wrong with the BOS and why couldn’t they get along.  This is a legitimate question when you see a member of the Board, suing the Town and the Town Manager.

It is easy to see that the attempt at having a shadow government to try to run the town is frustrating those who have not succeeded in taking subterranean control.

Frank has become the poster child and spokesman of the lunatic fringe and also the Free State movement in Exeter.   Their attitude is if you can’t control town government then attack it and attack the individuals you elected to run it; then attack the people the BOS appoint to run it.


The very people who are doing the attacking have already proven to be liars to the voters of Exeter.  One pulled the wool over the voters eyes to get the voters to sell him a piece of land for a dollar to build his dream home, then, I was told, turned around and sold it for over $300,000.  This happened over 10 years ago and most people have forgotten it; but, the info is still on line and the deliberative session where Mr. Dream House conned the voters was recorded and still around town.  He is also one of the prime movers in tearing down the dam in the hopes it will dry out some of his wetlands which could increase the value of his land for sub division. Mr. Dream House is using his ability in speaking eloquently using half truths allows him to use government to profit personally.

 Just to set the record straight, the Quandt family has no financial gain or loss if the dam is torn down.  Having camped, swam, fished and boated on the river we have an emotional attachment to it just like we do for the town of Exeter; even when  the river is running through the back cellar window and out the front.  Over the years we have taken the good and the bad.

The River Study Committee is made up of mostly very good people who have different opinions.  Having read the report twice it strikes me that it is directed toward tearing down the dam.  I have the greatest respect for the hard work some of the people put in on this study; but, I disagree with the direction they want to go.

I saw so many studies when I was in the House that it was easy to see that the studies were geared to tailor an outcome for what the proponents of the study wanted to do and justify.

Has anyone heard the phrase “Global Warming” lately, it appears the new catch phrase is “Climate Change”.

I have seen climate change right here on the river, I don’t believe the end of the world is coming; but, I think when we talk about such a valuable natural resource like water it is not prudent to do anything to the supply like the river, no matter what we do with our water in Exeter, it is smart to have the river as a backup.

I believe the secret of dealing with the river is not to tear down the dam; but, to manage it that way we will have a backup water supply and for those who plan to financially benefit from draining the river I can only say, “SORRREEEE- people first”.