Sunday, April 6, 2014



 Rumor has it that little Cranky Frankie Ferraro wants the Board of Selectman to put him on the Budget Recommendations Committee.  I believe there are still members on the BOS that he stabbed in the back, lied about, threw digs at during selectmen’s meetings and was the point man for the lunatic fringe and free staters representing them on the BOS and not the taxpayers.  He is one of the leaders of the fringe that scream about transparency and want you to believe that Town Government is trying to hide everything they do so you don’t know what is going on (which is and has been BS from the beginning) while they hide behind an anonymous blog that consistently and intentionally spews misinformation about people and issues.


Who knows what the Board will do; but, Frankie has already shown and proven he cannot work well with anyone who disagrees with him.  If the BOS does put him on the Budget Committee they should expect a new line item covering legal expenses for the next time he gets mad at the Board or Town Manager and sues them.


To make a long story short I hope the Board remembers why he was the low vote getter in the last race and should have got the message that the voters caught up with him.


ANOTHER RUMOR IN EXETER!!!               


There is another rumor floating around political circles that Donna Schlachman is trying to get little Franky to run for County Commissioner, supposedly Donna is looking to get into the lunatic base and has been hanging around with republicans that many republicans don’t want to hang around with.  I am trying to figure whose reputation will be hurt the most.

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