Friday, April 18, 2014


The Exeter News Letter reported on the law suit being settled on the Great Bay Nitrogen issue.  Evidently the Department of Environmental Services publically admits they screwed up the nitrogen study in Great Bay and gave the wrong information to the Feds.  If you refer back to my blog about a month ago I outlined the fact that DES was having internal discussions about just this issue.

The cowards blog (the view from the bathroom) the liars who have to hide behind their anonymous blog ownership and postings, refuted my information.   It is gospel now it is out in the newspapers and in the open.

In my opinion the River Study Committee linked the nitrogen in the river to great bay issues which were off base from the beginning.  Tearing down dams, now, is a political Al Gore and Obama issue; climate change and global warming.  It is unfortunate that our so called local Republican Leadership has become Obama supporters and bought into this and then try to sell this misinformation to other Republicans is very sad.

Matt and I never bought into this misinformation and argued against it and Matt stood his ground to protect the taxpayers in Exeter.  How smart do you have to be to understand that climate change is a two way street.  It is not just about floods; ask CA and the Midwest about their droughts.  Our only natural resource in Exeter is our river which supplies much of our drinking water.  What happens if we have a bad drought in the summer, a dry mostly snowless winter and see what happens the following spring?  This is what we are gambling on, and now to find out our studies are wrong and based on misinformation or bad modeling I think we have made a big mistake.

It is my opinion that the River Study Committee has done their job and done about the most damage they could do to Exeter and the Selectman need to disband them.  The voters have voted to tear down the dam and I don’t think they have any further purpose.  I think some of the members embarrassed themselves in how they conducted themselves in the last local election by politicizing the issue.  Some acted like intellectual elitist or wannabes but they pushed a political agenda and not what is good for Exeter.



I don’t think Frank wants the voters to be reminded that, in my opinion, he was instrumental in getting Brentwood to sue Exeter over the Pine Road Posting.  I can remember watching the selectman’s meeting that night when it was voted on and discussed, Matt was the leading vote not to post it which would bar trucks from using it and to give more time for negotiations while Frank’s attitude and vote was to tell Brentwood to go pound sand and to post it; that caused us to get sued and ate up a $100,000 legal budget.

Hey Frank, there is no question you are a little rascal.  You sued the town and that cost us $10,000 and then THOUSANDS for the Brentwood lawsuit, are you still trying to convince everyone you’re a fiscal conservative???

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