Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Since the revelations that there is no proof that nitrogen is killing the eel grass in Great Bay the nitrogen nuts have become eerily quiet.  Look you guys there is nothing wrong in making fools of yourselves, I watch the lunatic fringe do it at almost every selectmen’s meeting; but learn from your embarrassment and listen to other people’s opinions, they just might be right.

 In a recent editorial the Exeter News Letter chastised the Department of Environmental Services for screwing up the Great Bay Study and putting out misinformation.  At times the ENL appeared to be quietly supporting the nitrogen nuts and when the world turned upside down for them, attacked the DES.  I think it is safe to say the paper no longer knows what is happening in Exeter.  When the ENL ends up on the wrong side of an issue because of poor information, they immediately try to get out in front of the right side of the issue.  There was a poll done that showed the confidence in the news media was on the same level as our confidence for U.S. Congressman.


My hat is off to Chairman Gilman for discussing the public comment session of the selectmen’s meeting.  While Ann Surman kept asking for examples of disruption during these public comment sessions, Chairman Gilman chose not to name, names.  Ann kept asking for “examples” while carrying the argument for the lunatic fringe.  I’ll give you an example it was unfolding right before your eyes, this issue, which appeared to be agreed not to do (put it in a different time frame), was all but agreed to; the board of directors of the lunatic fringe kept wanting to be on TV and get quotes in the News Paper for about 45 minutes; there is one of your examples.

Poor Frank Patterson stood up and didn’t know what day it was and had to ask the selectman, “do you know what day it is”, hey Frank in case you didn’t know it is Monday, that is when the selectman meet and I think that is probably why you were there.

Credit also goes to Dan Chartrand and Nancy Belanger for allowing Julie to have the final say on the issue.  The Chairman always votes last and she cast the deciding vote.  This was a true show of respect that probably would not have happened under Don Clement’s rule, to get respect you need to show respect.

A person just can’t make this stuff up…