Friday, May 9, 2014


As 9/12er’S, Rocky Mt. Militia, various other militia groups as well as the Oath Keepers flocked to the Bundy Ranch in NV to protect him from Uncle Sam, stealing all of his cattle, remember cattle rustling can get you hung out west, it became apparent that the Oath Keepers were the only ones with good leadership, appeared to access the situation's merrits and prepared to go home.  The 9/12’s, I believe a movement started by Glenn Beck, or at least worship Glenn, did not show very good form when it came to dealing with the other groups.


Supposedly a member, I was told of the 9/12er’s NH group, knocked down two of the Oath Keepers during a dispute while people there said that members of the group were reaching for their guns, saying if you want to draw, then draw.  The Oath Keepers being comprised of veterans, active duty, reserves and police officers, many retired, left and went home.  I heard they were called cowards, etc; but, they’re not.  They just want people who took an oath to defend the US Constitution, to remember that oath and protect the constitution.


Supposedly, a rumor started that Eric Holder had gotten permission to launch a drone strike on the Bundy ranch.  The only thing I can think of is someone packed their, survival food, guns and ammunition so fast they forgot their medication.


Not only this country; but, much of the world went nuts when Snowden leaked that the government listens into private conversations as a way to track down terrorists.  What would people say if Obama authorized a drone strike on US citizens on US soil; I think he would like to do that on the Congress?  Killing all those cute little calf’s and cows would definitely drive animal activists over the edge.


A friend of mine sent me a news article from NV and I am going to post it without comment, I think it pretty well describes the problem: