Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The one thing you should never trust is the Senate Republican leadership.  When it comes time to recruit for the Republican ticket for the State Senate they will tell their intended targets anything and promise them anything to get them to sign up.  Then when they sign up it is “good luck kid see you after the primary”; by the way we can’t get involved in primaries.  Then spend many thousands of dollars to shore up weak incumbents with primary challanges.


We seem to have quite a lineup for State Senate Candidates this time one supposedly had his pistol permit pulled for a domestic violence allegation, another is alleged to have taken a homeless young lady into his family home and she alleged a strange sexual relationship while she was in the home.  Another reported case was an incumbent who, it was alleged, asked a young mail intern to perform sex acts on him.  Supposedly, this was reported to the senate leadership who apparently covered it up.  Another was a you tube video of a State Senator, in a bar, and drunk as a skunk; this is all ok because we can dispense with morals and what is right and wrong because we need to maintain a Republican majority.


On the state rep races some are predicting a 265 republican to democrat majority with, you got it, the famous “Bill the Bully O’Brien” as speaker once again.  If you remember the last time he was speaker in two short years he turned the legislature into a cult and by doing that brought down the whole republican agenda and we lost the house.  Many of the same people who the voters rejected during the last election, let’s call them Billy bots because they couldn’t think for themselves, are running again.  That includes a number of Free Staters who are still hell bent on taking control of NH and frustrated they can’t.  We have Free Staters and Free State backers running in Exeter who are trying to keep a low profile knowing, like Exeter, many communities will not vote for them.


As far as the governor’s race goes, the last time Maggie was in charge of anything was when she had a leadership position in the State Senate; she ran up a budget deficit of about 100 million dollars.  I know I was on finance and tasked with closing the gap, we worked day and night to do this and it was extremely difficult to cut state agencies and programs to the bone but we did it.  Now, that all has to happen again.  I have been told we do have another 100 million dollar deficit which will require about a 10% budget reduction.  Maggie does not want that number made official until after the election.  I have also been told a big chunk of this deficit is caused by expanded Medicaid which appears to have been sanctioned by our Republican Senate Leadership, (shoosh, don’t say anything and maybe the voters won’t notice).


I would prefer elected officials who only vote with their leadership half of the time; that way I know they are voting for their constituents the other half the time which is a marked improvement over what we have now.


Senator Shaheen, Congressmen Kuster and Porter I don’t think they have had an original thought since Obama has been in office. Unfortunately, their Republican opposition isn’t much better.  I was in the State Legislature with Both Guinta and Garcia.  Although I supported Innis in CD 1 in the primary I will hold my nose with both hands and vote for Guinta, at least he won’t be a rubber stamp for Obama, and he’ll be a Republican rubber stamp.  Fortunately I don’t have to vote for Garcia.  While in the house Garcia was a very strong Billy bot, who although smart and somewhat sophisticated her only claim to fame was she played the harp; causing me to frequently call her harpo Garcia. In my opinion she is not a leader, has no leadership abilities; but, she is a female with a Spanish last name and that is what our Republican leadership wants.


I think politically we are in trouble.


To leave a thought, as we know that Obama is the worst thing to happen to our country in recent history, he didn’t vote himself into office!